Congratulations Faith DeBrum, 2020 Elks Rodeo Queen!!

My name is Faith DeBrum, and I am pleased to announce I am the 2020 Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Queen Candidate representing VTC Enterprises. I am honored to stand for this organization that shares my values of doing all I can to bring strength, health and empowerment to ALL members of our community.

I am a 16-year-old sophomore at Orcutt Academy High School where I am currently involved with the volleyball team and California Scholarship Foundation Club (CSF). I enjoy the physical activity and teamwork of playing volleyball, and I appreciate the academic and community focused work of CSF for which I maintain a minimum 3.75 GPA. After graduating from high school, I plan to attend a four-year university such as Texas Tech, Georgia State University or University of San Diego to earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. From there I will pursue a career as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. I have a huge passion for community service and helping others who are vulnerable such as people with disabilities, those struggling to get or pay for medical care, and children with cancer.

I was diagnosed with cancer almost 6 years ago and have been cancer free for 5 years. And though that experience is not all that defines me, the journey has helped shape me into the young lady standing here today. I understand compassion, encouragement, generosity, persistence and hard work. My family and I have raised over $200,000 to fight childhood cancer and support other families going through the same battle we did. Knowing how the money we raised helped them warms my heart and fuels my desire to do more. I want to give back to the community and organizations that gave everything to me and my family.

One of my other passions is riding horses and tending to their welfare. I started riding a couple years ago and have found it makes me the happiest version of myself when I am around horses, whether working with them or in the saddle. My family always went to the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo, and I grew up dreaming of becoming the Rodeo Queen. I would see the Queen Candidates walking around in their outfits, friendly and welcoming, presenting themselves with so much grace, and as a little girl that always caught my attention. Now here I am, beyond excited to be given this opportunity of a lifetime and honored to be representing VTC! I am blessed to have amazing support from my parents, Ronnie and Laura DeBrum, my older brother Landon and my incredible “friend group” who will cheer me on until the end.

I am extremely excited and hopeful for new fundraising opportunities this year with VTC Enterprises. I look forward to helping them in their work assisting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve their life goals. I will work my hardest to help them succeed, to grow as an individual myself and to be a light to the community. Thank you to everyone for supporting me and thank you again to VTC for choosing me and believing in me.