Introducing the 2023 Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Queen

Michaela Jamison

Raising $525,801 for VTC Enterprises!

I am proud to say that I am the 2023 Elks Rodeo Queen.

With your help, I raised $525,801 to give back to VTC Enterprises to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities.

From late nights to early mornings, events to homework, balancing my campaign with life as a teenager, it is relieving to finally say I DID IT!

Thank you to all my sponsors. Thank you to my committee and my chairman. Thank you to VTC for this opportunity. Thank you to everyone that supported me. Thank you to everyone that helped my campaign in one way or another. You made a little girl’s dream come true of being the Elks Rodeo Queen.

Chris & Laura Torres

Corvette Winner

Sosefina Auau

Amazon Winner

Jeanette Valdivia

Disney winner

2023 VTC Rodeo Queen Campaign!


VTC has the honor of sponsoring a capable, community-minded young woman in her quest to become the 2023 Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Queen. These Rodeo Queen campaigns are fast paced and demanding, and we are always in awe of the dedication demonstrated by candidates as they work to raise money for local non-profits.

We have a variety of events, drawings and sponsorship opportunities, all ways in which you can support your community and have a great time doing it! Here on our website, you can find everything you need to enjoy the 2023 Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Queen Contest, including all available event tickets and drawing tickets. And don’t forget to visit VTC’s Facebook page to see the latest news, photos and event information for our Rodeo Queen Candidate: